Who Should Walk You Down The Aisle

Getting Married in Devon? Who Should Walk You Down the Aisle?

Traditionally it is the role of the bride’s father to walk her down the aisle, but if your father is deceased, or you are estranged, chances are you are probably wondering who should walk you down the aisle at your wedding in our stunning wedding venue in Devon.

It is, of course, totally acceptable for the bride to do ‘the big walk’ solo, but the majority of brides love the idea of a special escort on the wedding day.  So who should you ask?  

Here are a few suggestions which may help you to decide:

Your Mum – Having your Mum give you away would be a lovely idea especially if you both have a strong close bond and it would mean so much to both of you.    Optionally, you could both carry a momenta of your late father down the aisle with you in his memory.

Your Own Child – If you have a child already then this would be a lovely opportunity to really involve them with a special duty on your wedding day.

A Sibling or Close Relative – Perhaps you have a brother, uncle or a cousin who you could ask to take on this special role, they would undoubtedly be very honoured to be asked.

An Important Family Friend – Do you have a special family friend who has known you and your family since you were a child for example, perhaps your late father’s best friend?  Quite often special friends in our lives are as important to us as our real family are so this is a great option to consider.

Your Best Friend – Perhaps you have a ‘best friend’ who you are really close to who you would like to ask.  If this person has known you a long time, and been with you through good and bad times they are most likely to be a great choice for this role on your big day.

Together as One – Why not just walk down the aisle together with your future spouse.  You are about to say vows and join your lives together, so why not enter the ceremony together.

Same Sex Ceremonies – Most wedding traditions assume you will have a bride and a groom, so what happens at same sex weddings?  The beauty here is there are no ‘traditions’ so couples can decide whatever they wish for their special day at our unique wedding venue in Devon.  They may choose to enter together, to not have a procession at all, or even to flip a coin to see who goes first.  It’s an open book, and couples are free to write their own story.

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