Wedding Venue near Cullompton, Devon

Wedding Venue near Cullompton in Devon 

For couples who live in Cullompton, Lakeview Manor provides the perfect location for a wedding venue and is within easy driving distance as well as being convenient for wedding guests coming to Devon for the wedding.

Cullompton is a Devon town in an area known locally as Cully. There is evidence of the occupation of Cullompton in the Roman period, and there is a fort on the hill above the town . The town was mentioned in the Will of King Alfred the Great. In previous centuries the town was well known for wool and cloth manufacture as well as leather and paper. 

The town is well situated near to the motorway, and there is still some local manufacturing. There is a monthly Farmers Market held on every other Saturday which is the oldest market in the Devon area. There are a number of Grade 1 listed buildings in the town centre. St Andrews Church dates back to the 15th Century.

The origin of the name Cullompton is not known. Some historians think it is from the river Culm, which means a river that twists and snakes. There are many different ways that Cullompton has been spelt over the centuries. A different origin of the name is thought by some historians to be based upon Saint Columba.

There are historic records which show that at the time of the Norman Conquest the land was owned by the widow of the Earl of Wessex. The town was granted its first market in 1278. In 1356, the town received its first water supply from a stream at nearby Coombe Farm.

During the 17th Century the area was well known for highway robbery. In 1678, a local innkeeper was hanged for highway robbery after holding up a coach travelling from Exeter.

Lakeview Manor is idealy situated near to Cullompton, and considered to be among the best wedding venues in East Devon. It has over forty five acres of parkland and gardens as well as beautiful lakes. The wedding facilities are excellent, and there is a full time dedicated wedding coordinator to help the wedding run smoothly and provide advice.

Why not contact the Lakeview Manor wedding coordinator to find out more details of the civil wedding and reception facilities we offer. 



 This picture is of the beautiful Devon coast at Ladram Bay.