Wedding Venue in Exmouth Town

Wedding Venue near Exmouth Town  in Devon 

Exmouth is a large costal  port town on the Devon coast with over 32000 inhabitants.  Archaeological finds and shown that the area can be traced back to inhabitation as a coastal trading port. Byzantine coins dated as far back as 498 have been found on the beach

For many centuries Exmouth  area was limited by the size of ships that could  use the port and so in 1825 a new dock was built which replaced the original dock built in 1576.

The area was badly attacked by Turkish pirates during the 17th Century and tried to capture sailors to be sold as slaves in North Africa.  The town gradually thrived over centuries and by the Victorian era was a major seaside holiday town as a result of the ease of transport created by the railway arriving in Exmouth. Most of the town was built during the Victorian era.   

Exmouth has numerous  churches, most built during the Victorian era. Exmouth was without any church for may years although there is documentary evidence of a small chapel which was in existence in 1412 but had not been in existence for centuries

For couples getting married in Devon who live in Exmouth they will find that Lakeview Manor makes an ideal wedding venue because its within easy reach of the town . For the wedding venue guests they will find that the central position of Lakeview Manor makes it easy to travel to from anywhere in Devon or beyond. Many couples from Exmouth have been married at Lakeview Manor or had their Exmouth Wedding reception there


One of the many advantages to couples from Exmouth is that Lakeview Manor has over 45 acres of private parkland and its own lake which make a superb backdrop to any wedding venue. The wedding venue can accommodate up to 150 guests and there is often special wedding packages available 


If you live in Exmouth  and are planning to get married why not come to Lakeview Manor and visit the restaurant, gardens and lake?  If you wish you may like to phone our  full time  wedding coordinator on 01404 891358 to  find out of what Lakeview can offer you as  a wedding venue for your wedding or reception