Wedding Venue in Newton Poppleford

Wedding Venue near Newton Poppleford in Devon 

Newton Poppleford is a village  in Devon with a population of about 1700 residents situated between Sidmouth and Exeter. Its is part of the parish of Harpford Common and Harpford Hill

The name Newton Poppleford means the new town by the pebble ford and archaeologists have determined that the area was lived in during the Saxon era

The village is on what once the old Roman road from Exeter to Axmouth. Unfortunately it no longer has a railway station as a result of the Beeching axe which decimated the established rail network in the 1960s

The area of Newton Poppleford provides excellent quality soil for market gardening

For those couples who live in Newton Poppleford who wish to get married Lakeview Manor makes an ideal wedding venue and is perhaps one of the best wedding venues in Devon

With over 45 acres of private beautiful grounds and its own private lake Lakeview Manor makes an ideal wedding venue  for any couple  getting married in Devon

An advantage of the location of Lakeview Manor is that it is located in a convenient central position and so is very easy for guests from throughout Devon and beyond travel to the wedding venue. Once they have arrived they will love the private parkland which will give them space to enjoy the day. Lakeview Manor has attractive hotel rooms and lodges the wedding venue guest may wish to stay in too.

Lakeview Manor is easily within reach of Newton Poppleford  being only 15 miles away.  So Lakeview Manor is an obvious choice as a wedding venues for couples getting married in Devon  who live in Newton Poppleford

Lakeview Manor has superb facilities to accommodate up to 150 guests within its superb conservatory. Its a wedding  venue which should be visited to discover more about the many things which make it  so good so why not call the Lakeview Manor dedicated wedding coordinator 01404 891358 to  find out of what Lakeview can offer you as  wedding venue for your special day. 


Lakeview Manor is the ideal Devon wedding venue and is within easy reach of Newton Poppleford.