Wedding venue near Taunton

Wedding Venue near Taunton 

Taunton derives its name from "Town on the river Tone" which was abbreviated to Tone Town. Taunton was a very important town in Saxon time and King Ine of Wessex built an earth castle in about 700 AD, although it was later destroyed by Queen Aethelburg of Wessex in 722 AD to prevent it being seized by their enemies. There is evidence of many Bronze and Iron age settlements in the area as well as  a Roman farm.

A monastery was built in the area in 904 AD. Before the doomsday survey the population was about 1500. During the War of the Roses there were a number of battles and skirmishes, and an army of 6000 Cornish rebels advanced on Taunton, but surrendered to Henry VII. 

In 1839, the Grand Western Canal reached Taunton and a couple of years later the railway followed thus securing Taunton as a major town.

Taunton was named a strategically important town by the Somerset council and in 2006 revealed plans for many regeneration projects. Taunton is a main administrative centre of Somerset. 

Taunton is within easy driving distance of Dunkeswell, and so Lakeview Manor is considered by many couples from Taunton to be an ideal wedding venue. Although Taunton is in Somerset and not Devon the distance is so small that Lakeview should be viewed as a possible wedding venue for couples from the Taunton area. 

With over forty five acres of private gardens and lakes the Lakeview Manor wedding venue is probably one of the best wedding venues near Taunton. 


This photograph shows Lakeview Manor which is a premier wedding venue near Taunton.