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Wedding venue at Chard

Although Chard is within the county of Somerset, it is on the border with Devon, and so couples from Chard looking for the perfect wedding venue will be delighted to discover that Lakeview Manor wedding venue is easily within reach.

Chard is a Somerset town with a population of 14000 people. It is close to the Devon border, and is located on the A30 road. It is the highest town above sea level in Somerset. The origins of the name date back to the time of the Norman conquest when it was known as Cerden.

The Church of St Marys dates back to the 11th Century and was rebuilt in the 15th Century. St Marys church has a bell, which dates to 1790.

Chard was an important railway station during the 19th Century. It was during the Second World War part of the defensive line known as the Taunton Stop Line, which consisted of concrete defences in a line that went from Axminster to Somerset.

Why not come and look at the facilities at Lakeview Manor.  There is over 45 acres of pristine parkland and gardens, and a wonderful restaurant and so you can enjoy your visit. Lakeview Manor wedding venue has a dedicated wedding coordinator who can answer any questions you may have.

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