Wedding Venue near Topsham in Devon


Wedding Venue in Topsham 

Topsham is a town on the outskirts of Exeter in Devon, situated between the River Exe and the River Clyst. It has a population of 5000 inhabitants. Topsham in Roman times was a port called Isca Dumnoniorium, and continued to be called this until the Romans left England.

St Margaret’s church has its origins as early as the 10th Century, although it has been rebuilt several times.

Topsham has thrived as a port through the years due to its sheltered harbour, and has been used for both fishing and trade. Some of the houses in Topsham have Dutch origins and date back to when Topsham was an important cotton port, and many of these houses were made of Dutch bricks brought over as ballast in ships.

Topsham is within easy driving distance to Dunkeswell, and so Lakeview Manor makes the perfect location for couples from Tophsham who are looking for a local wedding venue where they can get married.

If you are a couple looking for your perfect wedding venue why not come and visit Lakeview Manor and enjoy the 45 acres of pristine parkland, lakes and restaurant. You can speak to our dedicated wedding coordinator, who can give you advice and will help ensure your civil wedding ceremony and/or wedding reception runs smoothly.

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