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Category: Lodge Sales Posted: 31st August 2021

How to be a responsible holiday home owner in Devon or Cornwall

It’s almost everybody’s dream to own a second home close to the sea, preferably in Devon or Cornwall. But how can it be justified in terms of the effects of second home ownership on tourist hotspots? We think we’ve found the perfect answer here at Lakeview Manor; the guilt-free and stress-free solution is to buy a holiday lodge on a resort. Here we examine why this is increasingly becoming the preferred route to responsible second home ownership.


Devon and Cornwall are the most popular choice for second home ownership

A new study, commissioned by our parent company, Lakeshore Leisure Group, has revealed that Devon and Cornwall towns account for five of the top 10 most searched for locations for a second home on Google. The full report¹ shows that searches for second homes since the beginning of the first national Covid lockdown have reached an all-time high. With trouble-free travel abroad still considered a gamble, city dwellers are increasingly looking at the options for a UK bolthole to escape from urban life. But this is not necessarily good news for either the buyers or for the towns themselves.


The problem with holiday homes


It has long been an issue, most acute in the West Country, that second homes can have a detrimental effect on the balance of local life. Young people are priced out of buying in their home town as house prices are pushed upwards, and homes are often empty for most of the year, leading to the ‘ghost town’ effect, which makes it difficult for businesses and communities to thrive out of season. In one Devon village, Hope Cove, 80% of the properties are second homes², leaving permanent residents dwindling to almost unsustainable numbers. Even if second homeowners let their homes to holidaymakers when they are not using them, neighbours are subjected to a revolving door of new tenants every week, who are often, to put it subtly, in holiday mode.


The solution – a lodge on a holiday estate

The dream of owning a holiday home in the West Country can be reality, and it doesn’t have to cause any of the problems described. Indeed, it can be done in a way that has significant upsides, both for the local community and the holiday home owner. The answer lies in purpose-designed holiday lodges on established resorts.

We want to provide a way for people to enjoy the beautiful rural areas of the UK that is supportive rather than detrimental to local communities. Our new holiday lodges at Lakeview Manor offer a relaxing escape at a low purchase price compared to bricks and mortar properties in similar locations; however, these luxury lodges don’t price locals out of the housing market. Our lodge owners and guests help boost the local economy all year around, our sites provide jobs for local people, and all whilst protecting the properties of rural residents.”

There has been an explosion of interest in our luxury Devon lodges, and this approach to holiday home ownership really does offer a positive proposition all round. It doesn’t affect local house prices and it doesn’t reduce the housing stock available. It adds a net benefit to the local economy and provides year-round jobs in areas where unemployment is often a problem. In fact, in a 2019 report³ by the UK Camping and Caravan Alliance, it is estimated that holiday parks in the UK generated £9.3 billion in visitor expenditure and supported nearly 171,000 full time equivalent jobs. That figure is almost certainly much higher in 2021.

To holiday or to rent

People buy holiday homes for different reasons. You might want a home-from-home escape where you can spend lots of time, staying for weeks at a time or throwing your bags in the car at weekends for a mini-break. Or you might want an investment for now, somewhere that you can rent out and earn an income from until you are either ready to spend more time there yourself or sell on. Lakeview Manor is open all year round –  so you can visit whenever you want a break – or you can take advantage of our all-inclusive letting service, which could generate you a significant annual income. As an example, we have so far generated 40 bookings in just the months we have been allowed to open in 2021 for one of our current owners, netting them almost £25,000⁴ income after all related costs (excluding utilities).

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7 more reasons to buy a lodge and not a bricks and mortar property

Many of the costs are removed

There’s no council tax to pay, no stamp duty on the purchase and you don’t need to pay for a survey either. Your lodge is fully kitted out, so there are none of the additional costs and associated stresses of furnishing it.

It's safe and secure

Security is an issue if you are leaving a property empty for periods of time. At Lakeview Manor, we have a gated entrance and our team are on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s much safer than a house on a street.

It's easy to keep

You don’t have to worry about the garden overgrowing or the paint peeling as you would with a house. On a park, the grounds are well-kept and lodges are relatively maintenance-free. You’ll pay a service charge but then you can relax and enjoy your holidays rather than spending all your time tackling the jobs list.

You have access to a team of tradespeople

Most resorts will have a maintenance team onsite, we certainly do at Lakeview Manor, so if anything needs doing, you are saved the problems of finding a tradesperson and then waiting for them to fit you in. It’s in our interests to keep everything looking good and in full working order as we want to present our resort at its best to holidaymakers and prospective purchasers.

Subletting is just so much simpler

One of the ways to help offset the cost of a holiday home is to let it out to holidaymakers. This is so much easier to do if you have a lodge on a park as we have all the systems in place already. We do everything for you, including marketing your lodge, taking bookings, check-ins and check-outs, cleaning between guests and dealing with queries and complaints. This gives you all the benefits of subletting with none of the stress.

It's cheaper to buy a lodge

The purchase price of a Devon lodge is significantly lower than that of a house in Devon. At Lakeview Manor, for instance, lodges start at £150,000 while the average price of a house in West Devon, where we are situated, stands at £306,203⁵. And that lodge price includes fixtures and fittings, furniture and furnishings, and all the appliances such as cooker, dishwasher and even the TV.

It's a lifestyle - and a lifetime - choice

The freedom to escape at the drop of a hat, to a place you can call home in a beautiful location, is life changing. It’s good for your wellbeing just knowing it’s there when you need it. And at Lakeview Manor, our 75-year lease means you have secured your own little piece of Devon for a lifetime, with a holiday home where you can build your family album over the years – and that includes the dog, on our pet-friendly estate.

The best of all worlds

Knowing that you have a bolthole in a tranquil corner of Devon is a lovely feeling. Knowing that you can live the dream, guilt-free, and making a positive impact in your holiday locality is true peace of mind. And enjoying all the benefits with none of the stress of a second home, is the icing on the cake.

So, there really is a guilt-free, stress-free and responsible way to own a holiday home in the West Country and, as interest in holiday home ownership in Devon and Cornwall reaches new heights, we still have luxury lodges available to purchase on our fabulous new development at Lakeview Manor. Click on the button below to find out more.

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